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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Which Are the Best Essay Writing Services Out There?

With all honesty in the world, is there a college student who has the time to write all essays that professors request nowadays? Speaking for myself, I am the most dedicated student, with big plans for academic and professional success. I’m not one of those people who go to college just for the fun of it; I have goals and I do my best to achieve them. Nevertheless, it’s not possible for me to complete the best essay every time my professors think of a new “intriguing” assignment.

Does that mean that I should make my peace with a decreased GPA? No; I decide to buy essay online whenever I catch myself struggling with a particular paper (or “accidently” forget to write it on time). My experience with essay writing services can help you find the best match for your needs. I’ve tried some of the most popular websites throughout the past two years, so decided to write this essay services review and mention the services that deserve the most attention.

Essay-On-Time.com review

If you told me to pick my absolute favorite essay service without much thinking, it would have to be Essay-On-Time.com. There is always a certain level of anxiety when ordering a custom essay online, but that never happens when I put my trust in this team; I always know I’m going to get exactly what I expect. This custom essay writing service has to have one of the most versatile team of writers in the industry. I’ve ordered literature reviews, social science papers, lab reports, history essays… you name it. The quality was impeccable every single time and I’ve only asked for minor revisions twice. The approach of the writers is very friendly, but professional at the same time. They will listen to your instructions and accept additional guidance at any point throughout the completion.

If you have already done some parts of your paper or completed the research, then this would be the best essay service for you, simply because of the attention and level of collaboration you’ll receive. As for the prices, they are not the cheapest ones you can get from an online essay writing service, but the quotes are definitely reasonable. I always make sure to place my orders as soon as possible, since that’s how I get the best price, but these guys work brilliantly under short deadlines as well. I am currently using a membership discount of 10%, which brings the final price down for a significant amount.

Bottom line, if you need a custom essay service that performs well in all areas of study, then you should definitely consider Essay-On-Time.

BestEssays.com review

Two years ago, I had a huge problem writing college admission essays. No matter how hard I tried to make my experiences, talents and interests sound captivating, I kept failing big time.My friend recommended BestEssays.com as the best essay service when it comes to admission services, and I’m so glad I trusted her. First of all, you should know that the prices for admission papers at this website are not as high as the quotes other essay writing services charge. The results were absolutely brilliant and I continued using this service for my scholarship essays as well. I have also ordered few college essays at this website and they were all perfect. I would recommend this company for everyone who wants to order an essay of Standard quality (for the lowest quotes per page in the chart), but still get extraordinary results.

The main reason I switched to Essa-On-Time.com as my first choice of an essay service is the more favorable pricing policy when it comes to the longer deadlines. However, I still recommend BestEssays as one of the top choices in the industry, especially when it comes to admission services and online media products. Keep in mind that no other custom essay writing service provides mind maps, simulation reports and multimedia projects, but this company takes care of those assignments as well.  

The best feature of this website is the convenience of use. The website appears simple, but is very detailed and features all information a customer could possibly need. BestEssays.com is my first choice when I need to order a paper without bothering much about collaborating with the writer. I know that I’ll always get the best essay.  

SuperiorPapers.com review

Superior Papers is possibly the most recommended, most reputable essay writing service on the market. There is a good reason why: the quality at this website is superior indeed. The best part is that this company also provides fair prices and great discounts for new customers. When I first decided to use this website, I was after a new service because I had to save some money. As you know, the discounts for first-time users are always better than the ones for loyal customers, and I got a fixed sum of $20 as a discount for my first order. Of course, I went back to order more papers after my initial experience with this company. The most important thing I have to say about this service is that the Standard Quality is great, but the products of Premium and Platinum Quality are really worthy of admiration.

I chose Premium Quality for my first book review from this custom essay service because I couldn’t allow myself to make any risks with that project, and I got a writer with a PhD degree in literature to work on it. I asked for a review written with Hemingway’s style: get straight to the point, don’t complicate too much and leave lasting impressions. The results were so good that I never ordered a book review from another website since then.          

I would definitely recommend SuperiorPapers.com for students who want serious work that could impress any professor, but still looks like it has been written by themselves. 

RushEssay.com review

My best friends commonly come to me with a similar question: “I need an essay written ASAP; which website should I go for?” The name of this service says it all: the writers are trained to work under tight deadlines and you will never notice that the work has been rushed in any way. I mostly rely on RushEssay.com when I need urgent papers for social sciences (those courses get on my nerves), but the writers also deliver good lab reports, articles on all topics, and impressive PowerPoint presentations. 
The best part is that this custom essay writing service offers great prices for the shortest deadlines, so I can allow myself to go for Advanced or even Premium level without feeling guilty about spending too much money.

The highest quote per page is $52.95 for Premium level with a deadline of 3 hours. Some wouldn’t call that affordable, but I don’t trust a service that offers prices lower than the industry’s average. I have ordered papers from cheap companies and never got satisfactory results. Not even once. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend risking, especially when it comes to urgent papers that you have no time to correct by yourself.

The customer support system at RushEssay.com is so good that you’ll never want to use another service again. The representatives are not usually that informative at other websites, but you’ll definitely receive the attention you deserve if you choose this company. I haven’t asked for revisions from this essay writing service so far, but the customer support agents and the writers themselves are always interested in my feedback and do their best to meet my expectations. 

BestEssay.com review

When it comes to projects from the natural sciences, BestEssay.com has to be my preferred choice! Let’s be honest: there are several essay writing companies that can deliver brilliant history essays, decent book reviews and great sociology papers, but not many of them have experienced writers from the areas of physics, biology or chemistry. When I get stuck with a research paper or homework for those courses (can you really blame me for that?), this is the website I turn to.
Yes, the prices are a bit higher, but when no other service is capable of delivering the quality I need, I am ready to pay a bit more.

However, the final price is still affordable because you get to use great discounts no matter how many orders you have placed. I haven’t tested how BestEssay.com works under tight deadlines, but I am confident that the writers keep their level consistently high even when the customers are in a hurry. There are some companies that have neglected my requirements for free revisions and completed content that had nothing to do with my requirements, but let’s leave them for another essay services review. One thing you should know about BestEssay.com is that the company always delivers highly-customized content completed according to the customer’s detailed instructions. 
Bottom line, this service definitely deserves a spot among my top 5 custom-writing services. I always recommend going for Premium quality, since you will not only get a better essay that way, but you’ll also benefit from free proofreading and progress notifications. If you go for Platinum quality, your order will be completed by one of the 10 best writers in the category and you’ll get VIP support as a free feature.